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Dental Reconstruction

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Cari was asking herself, what is full mouth dental reconstruction?

After years of use, teeth can become worn down. At some point,
one or more teeth may need repair due to decay or breakage. As this
continues to occur over the years, your overall biting plane is changed.

Eventually, your bite is reduced in height in several areas thus causing
possible headaches, jaw joint pain and or eating problems.
Rather than patch and replace teeth one at a time, disrupting your bite
harmony further, this situation would present a good time to have a Prosthodondist
plan your overall reconstruction.

This is what Cari chose to do.

When we met Cari we knew exactly what she needed: a fresh start for the
second half of her life. After Dr Huang saw what Cari’s teeth looked like and
examined her study models and x-rays, he was able to formulate a plan especially
for her. This process is vitally important for a perfect outcome. After all, you
wouldn’t want to build your dream house on sand, or without architectural plans. Cari
knew she needed an expert, that’s why she looked for a Prosthodontist and
was extremely happy to find out Dr Huang was also board certified, putting
her even more at ease. Now Cari couldn’t be happier, and she can’t stop smiling.

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