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New Options Make A Dazzling Smile A Reality

Having a dazzling smile is about more than just teeth. It is about confidence, opportunity and relationships. Studies have shown that people with a nice smile are more likely to get jobs, have successful relationships and succeed in business. With that in mind, it can be devastating to lose a tooth or to live with a damaged smile. Dental reconstruction is the best way to enhance your appearance and regain your self-confidence.

What Are Some Of My Options To Restoring My Smile?

There are many options when it comes to restoring your teeth and smile. The options available depend heavily on the complexity of the damage. For one missing tooth, for example, opting for a tooth implant is a simple and effective process that your dentist can perform in just a few office visits. If you are replacing multiple teeth, or attempting to straighten crooked teeth, there are many options but the process will take longer.

Dental implants are helpful for patients who have lost teeth and need a permanent solution. In this procedure, the dentist surgically places an artificial root form into your bone, he then creates a crown that will be screwed into the root form once it has healed, making it as effective as a natural tooth. Many people opt for dental implants for teeth that have been knocked out or lost after a root canal.

If you have chipped or fractured teeth, your dentist can create a tooth-colored filling in its place. These fillings look and feel just like your natural teeth. Chipped, fractured and broken teeth are common in patients who participate in sports, and are easily repaired.

Veneers can create a Hollywood-like smile. New products like Lumineers ™ make it easy to enjoy a bright smile.

When it comes to enjoying the self-confidence that comes along with a radiant smile, there are many options available to you. From tooth implants to veneers,braces and reconstructive teeth surgery, there are ways to make your smile dazzle. Talk to your prosthodontic dentist today to find the right options to fit both your lifestyle and budget.