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When Should You See A Prosthodontist?

A Family dentist, or other dental specialists can be useful options for some general dental issues.  However, there is another type of dental specialist that is a better option for missing teeth, a prosthodontist. This specialist is the right option for these complex issues.

This specialist can provide virtually every type of reconstructive and cosmetic dental work.

What Makes A Prosthodontist Different From Other Dental Specialists?

In this particular field, the focus is on dental prostheses.  The purpose is to correct intraoral defects to add comfort and function back to daily life.

Specializing in prosthetic dentistry requires between three and four additional years of training after the dentist has completed dental school.  When you choose one of these specialists, you know he is well-trained with years of additional education.

The prosthodontic specialist often works with other dental health professionals.  When they work as a team, you know your specific needs will be met completely.

What is a Board Certified Prosthodontist and why do I want one?

After completing an accredited residency program, prosthodontists have the option of applying for Board certification in this specialty. Subsequent to completing a comprehensive written examination, candidates must present three patient cases and defend their diagnosis, treatment, and results to a panel of examiners, all of whom are experienced Board Certified Prosthodontists. After successfully challenging the multipart process, which requires approximately four years, the prosthodontist becomes certified and is recognized as a Diplomate of the American Board of Prosthodontics. To maintain their certification, Diplomates must demonstrate their commitment to their continuing professional education by attending or presenting scientific lectures or publishing articles or textbook chapter.

Why Dental Health Should Be Your Priority

Prosthodontic procedures are a part of overall oral health.  Not only will you have a nicer smile, there is much more to it than your appearance.  When your oral health is at its best, it has a positive effect on your general health, too.

Now that you know why this type of work is so important, you may be wondering “Is there a Board Certified Prosthodontist near me?” Well you are in luck, we are right here serving Falls Church and the surrounding neighborhoods. So call us to set up your evaluation appointment. You deserve the very best. Not only will you look great, you will feel great too.

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