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Do I have Occlusal Disease?

When patients think of “diseases” of the mouth, they generally think of decay, or gum disease. Rarely, do they think of occlusal disease. Just what is this condition? In short, it is a mal-alignment of your upper and lower jaw. Your front teeth are meant for incising, or cutting; while your back teeth are meant for chewing. Together they work in harmony.

There are several signs and symptoms of occlusal disease such as: multiple fractures of tooth structure and fillings, abnormal wear leading to sensitivity of teeth, and the development of mobile teeth. Excessive tooth mobility can lead to their premature loss, which overloads other teeth, and the cycle exacerbates itself.


This patient has occlusal disease, resulting in excessive fractures and cracking of his front teeth.

Do you have this condition? To truly answer this question, a prosthodontist, like Dr. Huang, will usually require a set of study models to be made so he can analyze and provide options to stop and reverse this condition.

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