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One Visit Cerec Milled Crowns are a type of crown that can be fabricated in our office, and cemented in permanently, on the same day.  This will save you a return trip to the office 2-3 weeks later for delivery, as with a conventional crown.

To determine if you are a candidate for this kind of crown, several factors need to be taken into consideration. Because CEREC crowns are created from  one block of ceramic material, it is difficult to emulate the subtle color variations and gradients of natural teeth. This type of crown looks great on back teeth, but can lack the more natural-looking dentistry of laboratory-made crowns for front teeth. This type of crown may also lack the strength required to emulate certain types of teeth.

The location of the crown may determine whether a one-trip cerec crown or a conventional crown would be better. Teeth in back of your mouth undergo much greater forces than the front teeth, and that is why your prosthodontist may recommend a different type of material such as gold, for its strength and ability to adapt to your bite.

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