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Dental Reconstruction by a Prosthodontist Due to Trauma


Trauma to the head, whether it’s from a sports related injury, an automobile accident, or any unexpected event (such a fight or fall), may lead to a loss of tooth structure, several teeth, or even the underlying foundation of bone. Dental reconstruction of these cases proves to be the most difficult. Great care, by a prosthodontist, needs to be made in considering the form, function, and esthetics of the overall smile to be restored.



This patient, after a car accident, had four front teeth and bone damaged and lost.



Reconstruction of facial injuries may involve the use of implants, which are artificial roots inserted to fuse with the bone. However, a prosthodontist needs to be consulted as they are the specialists that design the final reconstructive work. The prosthodontist draws up the blue prints and provides the custom designed surgical stents needed during surgery to strategically place the dental implants in the proper locations and build up the foundation. They are also the ones to provide you with temporary teeth (Also known, in lay terms, as a “flipper”) so you won’t go home toothless. The flipper will be worn for the next couple of months while the implant fully integrates to your bone.


When the foundation is ready, the final smile reconstruction can begin. The prosthodontist will look at your overall smile line, the angulation of the teeth, and the correct size and proportion of the teeth in relation to the pink gum line. This is extremely important—you don’t want to end up with horse-like teeth. After all one size does not fit all. When all is said and done, the final results should blend well with your smile.


Bridge foundation anchored by 2 implants & porcelain gum replacing defect.

Teeth and gum final restoration in place with perfect gum color match.











Final bridge, anchored by 2 implants, restoring this patients smile and function.

Profile view showing correct angulation of reconstructed teeth
















Northern Virginia prosthodontist, Dr. Peterson Huang, was able to restore this complicated case in less than 4 months. As you can see this case was made whole again by proper planning, and the young man was delighted he was able to smile again. You too deserve to have a smile you love, so call Dr. Huang at 703-532-7586 for your consult.