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Dental Implant Dental Bridge — which should I get?

Dental implant dental bridge are both common for individuals who have missing teeth.  While your particular situation can help your dentist determine which is best for you.

Benefits Of A Dental Implant

There are some ways in which implants are better than bridges.  One of the benefits is the fact that implants are better for your dental health.  While bridges often require cutting into the adjacent teeth so the bridge is supported, a dental implant procedure will not affect adjacent teeth.  Your healthy teeth will stay undisturbed.

Are There Reasons To Choose Bridges Over Implants?  

The cost of implants may be one of your concerns.  However, if you consider the long-term costs, implants are preferable.  Although the initial cost may be a little more, implants rarely need to be replaced, so over a 30 year span a bridge may need replacing 3-4 times while the implant probably will not. Thus they are much more cost effective.

In addition, there can be complications to wearing dental bridges that do not occur with implants.  If you choose a bridge, you may need to deal with cavities, root canal work, periodic replacement, and other complications.  With reasonable care, you should not experience any complications with an implant.

When you consider the pros and cons, it should be easy to understand why so many people choose implants over bridges.  Call us for an appointment to evaluate your dental needs so we can help you make a decision that will last a lifetime not only improving your smile but your overall health.

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