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Dry mouth (xerostomia) Multiple causes for xerostomia exist, which means low or very low saliva flow. Causes include chronic disease conditions, medications, and medical treatments such as radiation therapy for head and neck cancers.

Chronic dry mouth can be very uncomfortable, and additionally it raises your risk for cavities. Dry mouth can also make it hard to get a good fit with dentures. Being at high risk for cavities can lead to widespread decay of your teeth making it necessary for extensive repairs to be made.


                         Dry VS Normal Mouth


Q: What can I do about the dryness?


A: You usually have less control over the cause, so your prosthodontist will treat the symptoms. Counseling to improve diet, taking prescription strength fluoride applications, and improving oral hygiene are all ways to alleviate the dryness.


Q: What foods are best to help with the discomfort?


A: Firstly you should drink fluids that don’t contain acids or added sugar. Drinking plenty of water is your best choice.  You also can try sugar-free gum to help stimulate the flow of your saliva.  Consider using over the counter saliva substitutes to find relief from this condition.

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