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Dental Crowns : Why Does My New One Not Match the Old?

Imagine re-painting just ONE wall in a room.  A different batch of paint with the same color will still create discrepancy. Similarly, dental crowns that are fabricated at different times may not look identical.   This may be due to different batches of restorative materials being used, or a different type of restorative material altogether.

In the past, crowns were limited to baking porcelain on top of an opaque-metal substructure.  This resulted in the crowns lacking a realistic translucent property, like natural teeth.  Nowadays, crowns can be made from all ceramic materials, which give a much better translucent effect and a more esthetic look.


Traditional Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown, with color discrepancy and metal collar.

ceramic crowns Falls Church

A more realistic looking all-ceramic crown, with uniform colors and no metal.

See if you are a candidate for a more realistic smile, by calling Dr. Huang for a consultation at (703) 532-7586. Also, check out our Bridges and Crowns page for more information about this service.