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Athletic Mouthguard

An athletic mouthguard helps prevent injury to the mouth area, such as the teeth, lips, cheeks, and tongue when playing sports.  Studies have shown that they significantly lower head and neck injuries caused by trauma that could otherwise lead to concussion and/or jaw fractures.

All athletes who are engaged in sports should wear a mouthguard.  The type of sport will determine the kind of mouthguard that is needed.  For example, a football athlete will require a much thicker dual laminate mouthguard than a badminton athlete.  A mouthguard covering the upper teeth is preferred as the upper teeth usually overlap and protect the lower teeth and the front teeth are the most frequently injured.  Covering the lower teeth may create additional bulk, making it uncomfortable while providing little extra protection.

The best type of athletic mouthguard is a custom-made one from a dentist.    A custom mouthguard is made over a model taken from a dentist’s impression of the athlete’s teeth.  The ones  I prefer are  fabricated from two different kinds of resilient material formed over the model.  The outer layer is rigid while the inner layer is slightly softer, for give.  Although it is time consuming to fabricate dual layers, and requires special attention to detail, it is the most form fitting and comfortable to wear and will not interfere with speech or breathing.

Last Saturday, we invited the athletes from George Mason High School’s football team to come to our office to have impressions made. They will all have custom dual laminate athletic guards made. It was our gift to them for a safe and successful football season.Thanks to my great staff for making it fast and fun for the boys!

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Feel free to call Dr. Huang, a dual-board certified prosthodontist, to have a custom made mouthguard to protect your teeth.