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5 Star dental reviews from patients for Dr. Huang and his team

Dr. Huang and his team received several new 5 star dental reviews from their patients on Google!  We enjoy being able to help people smile and function again 🙂


As dentists and prosthodontists, our specialties are in the esthetic and functional rehabilitation of the teeth, bone, and tissue of the mouth. Through the use of dental implants, various surgical procedures, dentures (both complete and partial), and orthodontics (including Invisalign ©), we correct problems with the jaw and align the teeth to create a better bite, as well as issues due to injury. Often, we coordinate a plan involving a team of highly specialized medical practitioners from the greater-Arlington, McLean, and Northern VA area. We also care for your entire family’s oral needs and look forward to meeting you, our new neighbors soon. Please call 703-532-7586 to join our dental family.